Adoption at Mondou

Adoption at Mondou

The health crisis is far from slowing Mondou in its expansion plans. Since the summer, the pet products retailer has opened four new branches, the most recent of which is in Saint-Charles-Borromée, in the Joliette region. Its inauguration was preceded by those of Verdun, Sherbrooke and Laval.

Mondou now has 71 stores in Quebec. Martin Deschênes, CEO of the family business, does not hide it, his goal is to extend the banner across the province.

“We are present in most regions except in Gaspésie and Abitibi. Our wish is to reach the entire population of Quebec, ”explains the leader.

The market in other Canadian provinces is not in its sights for the moment. “We do not want to scatter until we have covered the whole of Quebec,” he says.

Neighborhood stores

In its expansion strategy, Mondou has developed a new concept of neighborhood store. The Verdun branch, which opened in August, is the second of its kind after the Plateau-Mont-Royal branch.

Covering 2,300 square feet, it offers a selection of products as well as free services such as Nail clippers, Doggie washer, Doggie scale and Car service. It also has the Sub-Zero Market section, where customers find a range of raw frozen food for cats and dogs, a growing market.

“Smaller in size, these stores allow us to get closer to customers in urban neighborhoods,” explains Martin Deschênes. They appeal to the community. People come there, often on foot, with their animals. “

Adopt a shelter cat

Mondou also wanted to innovate by providing some of its branches, such as the one in Saint-Charles-Borromée, with an Adoption Zone for cats from shelters.

“It is a space that we have custom-designed for the abandoned cats entrusted to us for the SPCA,” said Mr. Deschênes. Animals are not caged there, they can roam freely in this living area while waiting to be adopted. “

Mondou has been offering this service since 2019. Three other stores, namely those in Saint-Jérôme, Anjou and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, have an Adoption Zone.

Support for several organizations

Animal welfare has been a cause dear to the company since its founding in 1938.

Mondou supports several organizations, including the Mira Foundation. In six years, the company has given him more than $ 2 million during its annual campaign thanks to the contributions of its customers, employees and partners.

Since 2018, she has also been leading a fundraising campaign for animal shelters which has raised more than $ 400,000.

In addition, last spring, during the first wave of coronavirus, Mondou donated $ 110,000 in products and gift cards to Moisson organizations and abandoned animal shelters.

“In the context of the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of adoptions of an animal, but also more abandonments,” explains Martin Deschênes.

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