ADPS: Patrick Foster retires

ADPS: Patrick Foster retires

Patrick Foster, on the left, addresses a large audience.

Patrick Foster, director of the ADPS (Association for the Development of Specialized Prevention), has just retired: his departure party brought together a large number of associations, stakeholders in neighborhood, residents and supporters. Indeed the ADPS "acts according to a territorial mandate on the priority districts of the city". Wish & quot;good luck"to Patrick Foster, known and appreciated for his experience, his management and his great availability, could only mobilize.

Jean-Marie Angelini, the president, has developed a long panegyric, addressing its director directly: "Specialized prevention is a long love affair for you. After a professional career in specialized education in Alsace, during a training course in 1994 in specialized prevention, you acquired the virus. A sort of thirtye year long covid that you haven't managed to cure. Before joining your wife, a sports presenter, in the South, you were director at the ADPS in Colmar and an athlete yourself. Everyone recognizes your qualities of benevolence and generosity, sometimes taken to the extreme."

We were able to note an unfailing availability when Patrick Foster had to face the numerous and difficult problems of his mission, with relevance, in particular in the face of the disenchantment which threatens the professional, an ability to redress the course for a renewed dynamic. The ADPS has increased its activities in the service of the most disadvantaged, both in the reaffirmation of rights and in the fight against discrimination. Mikaël Brusson, specialized educator, succeeds him.

Information at 04 66 87 42 80.

Correspondent Midi Libre : 07 81 33 15 81

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