Ads in culture: a letter to the minister, Nathalie Roy, signed by 250 artists

Annonces en culture: une lettre pour la ministre Nathalie Roy signée par 250 artistes

Many artists are not happy with the first announcements made by the minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, for the resumption of activities after confinement. In a letter signed by 250 artists, they say they are not to be taken seriously by the government during the crisis.

Last Friday, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the minister Nathalie Roy was at the point of release of the government Legault to make the first announcements in the culture. She had then announced the re-opening of ciné-parks, museums, library and recording studios, as well as the opportunity to pick up shows in empty rooms.

“We deserve more than these “non-announcements”, the performers, designers, technicians and stage, cultural workers, choreographers and stage directors, spectators, and spectators. “We deserve more than a possibility of making recordings as early as June 1st with five technicians. But of what does one speak right here ?”, request a letter initiated by the author and stage director, Olivier Kemeid.

“Recordings and blockbusters: this is the cultural level of the Quebec proposed to the world of performing arts last Friday.”

Among the artists who signed the letter include directors (Claude Poissant, Rene Richard Cyr, Serge Denoncourt, Robert Lepage, etc) and several actors (Christian Bégin, Céline Bonnier, Sophie Cadieux, Anne-Marie Cadieux, France Castel, Violette Chauveau, René Richard Cyr, Mireille Deyglun, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, James Hyndman, Julie Le Breton, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Alexis Martin, Pascale Montpetit, Guy Nadon, etc).

“We want to be considered”

“Nine weeks. The artists have waited nine weeks, during which, on the side of the quebec government, this was, to be polite, the great discretion, and to be frank, the complete silence,” says the letter.

“The only manifestation of practical support comes from our very reason to exist : the public. He is there, he writes to us each day to know when our doors open.”

“We don’t want the moon, but a dialogue, a visibility, a will to listen. None of us has the intention to live in a bubble separate from the rest of society : we would like to be considered, a point that is.”

Requiring “urgent” meeting with the minister Roy, the group of signatories expose its claims, “insurance as a social safety net, to come and save countless artists, for which the PCU [Delivery canadian emergency] to this day is not extended beyond the four requests” and “a calendar scalable opening of the rehearsal rooms and theatres”.

Reiterating their confidence in the public Health, the signatories concluded their letter by recalling that “by keeping the rooms closed, we not only put thousands of people on the straw: we are collectively at half-mast the flag of the imagination”.

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