“Adult” since the age of 13: first lover leaked intimate secrets of Ani Lorak

"Взрослая" уже с 13 лет: первый любовник слил интимные секреты Ани Лорак

Famous singer Ani Lorak, which actively goes on tour in Russia, before the start of a relationship with a Mature lover.

It turned out that Yuri Thales was not only her producer but also the first love of Ani Lorak.

"Взрослая" уже с 13 лет: первый любовник слил интимные секреты Ани Лорак

Ani Lorak

Thales has revealed details of his relationship with the singer at the start of her creative career.

It is known that Ani Lorak was in a relationship with a private producer for over 10 years.

Yuri Thales said that he had noticed Lorak still very young. When she was 13 years old. At first he taught her all the tricks of working in show business. However, their relationship from the business gradually turned into love.

"Взрослая" уже с 13 лет: первый любовник слил интимные секреты Ани Лорак

Yuri Thales

“She was 13 years old. I didn’t even know that, I didn’t pay attention to age. I think I taught her everything. And how to behave with men and how the generals and presidents and businessmen. Every man would like a wife,” says the former producer Ani Lorak.

After a long romance Ani Lorak left him and went to the famous Ukrainian football player Sergey Rebrov. Thales shocked by her choice, because he gave up so much of Ani Lorak. But a celebrity she told him about her feelings for the footballer.

It is worth Recalling that the Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show the fans in a new Instagram photo. Celebrity introduced a brand new clip and the song “I waited for you”, never ceasing to put candid shots in the images from the video. So, the actress posed in a racy latex outfit consisting of a short fitted bodycon tube top and skirt.

“#I tebaide” – succinctly signed Lorak. Followers began to comment on what he saw: “the Black Panther👍”, “cat Woman❤ I❤ this😘”, “Beauty 😘 ❤ this👍”, “
The best way in the clip🔥”, “gorgeous As always 😘🔥👍”, “Ani, a beautiful woman, a talented singer, Bravo!!!”, “Don’t look like yourself here🤔”, “Panther super Beauty 👍👍👍”.

Recall Lorak singing in his underpants, fans furious

As previously reported, “Znayu” that Lorak was lit by a bare nipples in a Muslim country

Also “Znayu” I wrote that lorac poured out his soul in a new music video


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