Adventure neoclassical to a member of Half Moon Run

Aventure néoclassique pour un membre de Half Moon Run

A first member of the montreal band Half Moon Run, tries the solo adventure by joining the ranks of pianists of the wave neoclassical quebec.

Drummer Dylan Phillips announced Wednesday morning the release of a mini-album of five songs, called Undercurrents, which will be published on 21 August.

The title refers to a song instrumental from the last album of Half Moon Run, which was co-signed by Phillips, and which will be repeated this time in a longer version and extended.

The first excerpt, Candle Eyes, reveals that the musician, originally from British Columbia reconnects with his first love, who was studying classical music at the Conservatory when he arrived in Montreal, there are about a dozen years.

It follows in the footsteps of Alexandra Stréliski and Jean-Michel Blais, the two stars of the movement neoclassical in Quebec.

“This EP is a collection of pieces I’ve written in my living room over the last few years,” says Phillips, in a press release distributed to the media.

“Playing piano has always been my main source of therapy, and of truth. In many ways, these pieces are a kind of meditation on the thoughts and feelings that I would not have been able to express otherwise. […] I never had the intention of putting them in the world, but thanks to the support and encouragement of my close friends and my family, I decided to take the plunge and bring this music beyond the safety of my own home.”

Two weeks ago, Half Moon Run had already proposed to the new music on Seasons of Change, a collection of six songs that followed the release of the album Has a Blemish in the Great Light, the last fall.

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