Adventurer staged a swim with a huge alligator: video

Briton Jordan Wylie swam under the belly of a predator

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Авантюрист устроил заплыв с огромным аллигатором: видео

British adventurer, swam with alligators

On the YouTube channel ViralHog there was a video shot in one of the ponds in the region of the Everglades in South Florida (USA). On published frames can be seen as a British adventurer Jordan Wylie swims under the belly of a large and deadly alligator. About it writes Daily Mail.

Watch the video: adventurer staged a swim with a huge alligator

First, a man carefully carried a camera under the reptile, and then swims to her side and approaching to a distance not exceeding half a meter. Throughout the video the alligator doesn’t move.

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Jordan Wiley is known for his risky expeditions. He’s barefoot, climbed mount Kilimanjaro and crossed the Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia run. Young Wylie for ten years he served in the British army in Iraq and Northern Ireland, and then guarded the ships from Somali pirates. He has written several books about his adventures and regularly appears on television.

Earlier “Today” wrote about the woman from Florida who said that in her house trying to get a huge four-meter alligator. In addition, we described how in Australia, a crocodile attacked two men who were hunting for wild boars.

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