Advertisements for recruiting NURSING: “We need the best of you”

Publicités pour recruter en CHSLD: «On a besoin du meilleur de toi»

In its drive to recruit 10,000 orderlies to take care of seniors in NURSING homes, Québec launched an advertising campaign that draws on the strength of the young, their beautiful qualities and their compassion. “You need the best of you”, say the advertisements.

“Theresa, 88 years old, and Henry, 78 years old, have already been your age and one day, perhaps, thou shalt have them, but in the meantime, they need your strength, your determination, your good mood and your whole humanity”, convey the substance of the messages launched today.

Quebecers wishing to follow the rapid formation of a care attendant for three months from mid-June will be paid 760$ per week.

From their recruitment in a CHSLD, their salary will be$ 26 an hour. With an annual income of at least 49 000$, these employees, who will work full time with persons with loss of autonomy will enjoy a level of income higher than the québec average, which is 43 900$.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of seniors of the third and the fourth ages in a CHSLD, choose a role, rewarding, and sign up to become a servant to the recipient, offers to the government.

It will suffice, click here. The platform will be operational a little later today.

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