Affaire Maddie: a garden excavated in Hanover, Germany

Affaire Maddie: un jardin fouillé à Hanovre, en Allemagne

Since Tuesday morning, the German police conduct searches in a community garden near Hanover, related to the mysterious disappearance of the little British Maddie McCann in 2007 in Portugal, a new development in this story full of twists and turns.

This case has seen a sudden increase since the beginning of June with the identification of a new suspect, Christian B., 43 years old, a pedophile German multirécidiviste already sentenced for a rape in Portugal and are currently in detention.

“These searches are related to our investigation of the case Maddie McCann”, indicated to the AFP Julia Meyer, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office Brunswick, without giving further details.

Several police vehicles are present on the scene of this subdivision located in the western outskirts of the city, excavated using shovels, order to buy and dogs. The investigators also use a backhoe, according to the local newspaper, Hannoversche Allgemeine, which states that the suspect is currently in detention, had lived in Hannover, in northern Germany.

These allotments are very popular in Germany, usually makes it possible for the inhabitants of the cities to benefit from a small space where they cultivate sometimes fruits and vegetables, make barbecues with friends and rest at the weekend in a haven of greenery.

These new findings could confirm the beliefs of the German investigators who, recently, have been the first to affirm that Madeleine McCann, who disappeared 13 years ago and at the age of 3 years, had died.

In mid-June, the prosecutor’s office of Brunswick had explained to hold of the “evidence or facts” to support the conviction of the death of the girl but not of the “forensic evidence” in the sense that, for example, of the remains of the body would have been found.

Christian B. is currently in detention at Kiel, in northern Germany, for another case.

He lived at the time of the facts a few kilometres from the hotel, in the small seaside resort of the Portuguese of Praia da Luz, where the child had disappeared. In detention, he had to be placed in solitary confinement in order to prevent it being attacked by co-detainees.

He is suspected of the murder of the little girl, who was on holiday with his parents and their other two children in Portugal at the time of his disappearance.

According to his lawyer quoted in the media, the man denies any involvement in the disappearance of Maddie.

According to German media, the investigators have found out in a camping-car of the suspect of swimwear for children. They would also put the main on USB drives containing thousands of images of child pornography, including some featuring the suspect.

It has made a request for release, which will be not successful according to the public prosecutor. It is in effect described by an extradition request to Portugal for the rape of a woman 72 years of age.

The case also has raised several controversies, including around obvious errors of the German police. It would have informed Christian B. as soon as 2013 that they suspected him, that he could have left the possibility of destroying possible evidence.

In 2013, the German police had been put on the track of the man after a show widely watched in Germany, which allows the police to call witnesses.

The German investigators are also looking at a possible parallel with another case of disappearance, that of the small Inga in 2015 in a forest in the German region of Saxony-Anhalt. Several other unsolved murders of children and adolescents in Europe, particularly in Belgium and the netherlands, are also the subject of checks to establish if the suspect could be involved.

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