Affaire Maddie : continuation of the excavations in a garden German workers

Affaire Maddie : poursuite des fouilles dans un jardin ouvrier allemand

Hanover, germany German police continued Wednesday for his excavations in a garden worker near Hanover, related to the investigation recently re-launched on the disappearance of the small British Maddie McCann in may 2007 in Portugal.

With the help of several sniffer dogs and excavators, the investigators continued to comb through a little green space in this subdivision located to the west of Hanover, in northern Germany.

Large quantities of earth and stone were transported to the outside the site well-squared by many of the members of the security forces, according to a photographer from AFP.

Investigators have not given any detail on the outcome of their research started the day before, or even explained what they were looking for specifically.

Several media outlets argue that they have unearthed the foundations of an old house consisting of a cellar.

According to the local newspaper Hannoverscher Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ), a dog was able to be introduced into a cavity under an old floor slab.

The tenant of a plot neighbour told the daily Bild that the cave existed for a long time. It would not have been covered at the time of the demolition of the garden shed located on the plot at the end of 2007.

Questioned by AFP, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office Brunswick, in charge of the investigation, wouldn’t comment on ongoing operations.

This case has experienced a sudden increase in early June with the identification of a new suspect, Christian B., 43 years old, a pedophile German multirécidiviste already sentenced for a rape in Portugal and currently in detention for another case.

According to HAZ, he was living in Hanover in 2007, the year of the disappearance of Maddie.

The German investigators are convinced that Madeleine McCann, who disappeared 13 years ago, and then aged three, is dead.

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