Affectionate cat almost ripped intense interview (video)

Ласковый кот едва не сорвал напряженное интервью (видео)

Affectionate cat Polish historian and political scientist Jerzy Targalski almost broke the tense interview for Dutch television broadcaster NTR. The footage of the programme, posted on YouTube, drew the attention of the publication TJournal.

In an interview with famous anti-Communist Targalski talked about all spheres of life in Poland is still controlled by people from the former civil service security. In this time and there was a red cat named Licio.

First pet put a paw on the shoulder of the owner and meowed questioningly. Without waiting for a response attention, the cat climbed on the shoulders of the scientist, began to stagnate and rubbing his nose on his head.

Targalski kept calm and only from time to time in the traditional movement was removed from a person’s tail, Lisio.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the cat-fan learned to shout “Goal!” (video).

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