Afraid if Jerry Heil critics and failed to sing live to the nation selection: exclusive recognition of the singer

Боится ли Jerry Heil критики и неудачно спеть вживую в Нацотборе: эксклюзивное признание певицы

Jerry Heil (Jan Shamaeva), photo: Znaia

today, 19:15

The semi-finalist of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 Jerry Heil is actively preparing for his performance and is still finalizing the song, which promises to provide day by day to a wide audience.

Star YouTube and Instagram, which in Jan’s life Shamaeva, told Know.ia, afraid of whether the failure of the Eurovision song contest, something more likely to worry and how to relate to the jury of the national selection: Tina Karol and Andrey Danilko.

Боится ли Jerry Heil критики и неудачно спеть вживую в Нацотборе: эксклюзивное признание певицы

Jerry Heil (Jan Semapa), photo: Know.ia

Ian, suppose you already won the national selection and went to the Eurovision 2020 in the Netherlands, but took a low position. Likely, in Ukraine will begin to flow out of the dirt in your address and everything else, what came across, for example, the group O. Torvald. Are you willing to critique? You are not afraid?

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To not be afraid of dirt, I don’t clean at home (smiles). So I’m not afraid. Criticism I’m a little familiar due to the fact that I am a blogger, and periodically, when you post, not what someone wants, then anything can happen. Although I have a very loyal audience. So the life I have prepared for you.

That said, your relatives, when informed of the desire to go to Eurovision?

Supported. They always wanted to, but told me that the song needs work. So we with Roma embody what the father has told me. I want to remove a lyric video.

What song is “Vegan”, prepared for national selection?

She’s super fun, basically, about my lifestyle, and the lifestyle in which came lots of people in the world, including Ukrainians. She, speaking in a broad sense – on tolerante in narrow – about veganism. Tolerance in the sense that we are open, we become tolerant to many issues, including nutrition, are not traditional for Ukraine.

It will be similar to “#Ohranoy”?

I think I have every song in some way different. Hard to say what is a style “Kranon” or “Bili Croci”, it’s just like a song in my style and so versatile it was with the album that it’s hard to describe it by a single comparison.

In the nation selection sing live as the Eurovision song contest, as you have with this? Not worried about the vocals?

People after concerts to share that all is well. I’m very self-critical, but I work hard to ensure that everything was clean. Perceive very close to heart if I say something. For me it is a priority to sing clean. In music school I was good at ear training, so now to let his teacher and where there is unclean to sing – it’s just a face in the dirt to fall, so I’m going to try.

I even replayed the situation, I will speak as I will not suddenly hear myself: “Stop! Sukari there sound patch it up, please, and now again.” The only way. For me it is very important to sing clean.

Боится ли Jerry Heil критики и неудачно спеть вживую в Нацотборе: эксклюзивное признание певицы

The participants of the first semi-final of national selection for Eurovision 2020

How you relate to other semi-finalists and the jury of the national selection?

It’s hard to call someone a competitors.

Tina strongly not closely familiar and closely never communicated. As a creative person, as an artist, I admire it, and by which she passed, and artist what the level was. This diva Ukrainian, so I can only Express my admiration.

With Danilko also never crossed paths, but, to be honest, I am also interested to hear his crosnoe opinion, because he’s really the expert. If in the final turn so, and he will say, I thought, I want to “Make It Rain Champagne” to participate in Eurovision, I’ll be very happy. I have a dream, honestly!

Recall, January 20 TV channels STB and UA: Suspine Mowlana presented the names of the artists who have been in the number of semifinalists of National selection on Eurovision 2020. In the list of 16 contestants.

There have been changes in the team of the jury: to Andrei Danilko was joined by Tina and Vitaliy Drozdov – quite a new face to the public, but is a recognized expert in the music industry. He is the General producer of the leading broadcasting holdings No. 1 in Ukraine “Media BRANDS” and CEO of “Hit FM”.

Live broadcasts of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 will be held 8, 15 (semi-finals) and February 22 (finals) at the same time on the TV channels STB and NTU.

Leading live broadcasts – Sergey Prytula.

It was also reported that David Axelrod presented a romantic song for Eurovision 2020.

And Vitaly Drozdov has shared his opinion on the song-winner of Eurovision 2020.

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