“Afro Canada”: a new perspective on history

“Afro Canada”: a new perspective on history< /p> UPDATE DAY

A new documentary series focusing on the history of Africans in Canada sets the record straight on more than 400 years of forgotten, erased or silenced history.  

Marked by slavery, exile, forced displacement and resistance, which has also contributed to building the Canada of today, the history of Afro-descendants in Quebec and elsewhere in the country is approached head-on, with benevolence, in all its aspects. Directed by Henri Pardo, the series traces the history and journey of Africans and their descendants in Canada, from Samuel de Champlain to today.

Mixing interviews, animated sequences, narrations, reconstructions, dance scenes and musical interludes, notably featuring singers Pierre Kwenders and Dominique Fils-Aimé, who wrote the original music for the series, this documentary is a work in itself that is worth the detour.

“Afro Canada” is presented on Saturdays on ICI Télé, starting August 13, 9 p.m.