After 62 years of marriage, they die of the COVID-19 on the same day

Après 62 ans de mariage, ils meurent de la COVID-19 le même jour

Inseparable for 62 years, a couple from New Jersey has died from the COVID-19 on the same day.

Lawrence Freda, 85 years old, and his wife, Victoria, 83 years old, have pushed their last breath a few hours apart on the 24 April, reports the magazine People.

Larry and Vicky had contracted the disease only two days before dying.

The height of sadness, and their son, of 51 years, John, had died of the disease two days before.

The governor of the State honored the members of this family in a series of messages on Twitter Wednesday.

“Larry and Vicky loved to be grandparents, they always had fun. May God bless their soul,” wrote the governor-Phil Murphy.

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