After a failed start, Google is relaunching its new smart search engine Bard for good

After a failed start, Google is relaunching its new search engine for good. Smart Search Bard


After a hasty start earlier this year that caused Alphabet to lose 8% in value on the stock market, Google this time took the time to fine-tune its brand new chatbot ( chatbot) Bard who has just been reborn, for good this time. 

At Google's I/O Developer Conference, the company announced several new features for its chatbot, Bard. 

The company hopes to reintroduce the chatbot with more favorable reception, including with the addition of new languages ​​including Japanese and Korean.

Bard can now support multimodal queries, allowing users to embed images in their posts or ask Bard to explain them.

Google Workspace

Extending Bard applications to Google's consumer ecosystem

Google is also launching extensions for Bard, including from its own applications and services such as such as Maps, Sheets, Gmail, and Docs, and works with third-party partners to integrate their services with Bard.

The internet search giant is also expanding Bard's coding capabilities, powered in part by Google Lens, including code generation and snippet debugging. 

The chatbot can now display images in its answers, show users the most popular tourist sites and map the results with Google Maps.

Image processing with Adobe

< p>Also, Google partners with Adobe for creating artwork through Bard. Kyle writes that “Bard users will be able to generate images through Firefly and then edit them using Express. In Bard, users will be able to choose templates, fonts and stock images, as well as other resources of the Express library”.

Bard now has a dark mode, and the company is expanding its ability to export Python code to Replit, a browser-based IDE. However, Google's initial goal was to integrate generative AI into most of its products, and the chatbot, which may disrupt Google's search business, was probably not what the company wanted. privilege. If Google had wanted to, it could have integrated Bard into its search engine. Microsoft managed to do it with Bing AI, after all.

However, with the market forcing Google to respond, Bard could become a big player in the chatbot space, competing with existing chatbots such as ChatGPT, Microsoft's Bing AI and many more that are on the horizon.