After being eliminated from “Dancing with the stars” Pavel Zibrov goes to the movies

После вылета из «Танцев со звездами» Павел Зибров уходит в кино

People’s artist of Ukraine will play the superstar hermit

Singer Pavlo Zibrov, who spoke about the role in the movie with Astafyeva, admitted who will play in Ukrainian Comedy “Producer”.

“The godfather” of the Ukrainian variety art Zibrov will appear in the film in the role of a superstar who lives as a hermit in a luxurious Villa in the woods.

The plot of EMU, in particular, will have to enter into a fierce battle and show what you are capable of furious people’s artist of Ukraine.

“Without revealing the cards about the plot, I can say that Paul Zibrov perfect for the role he plays in the film. The key to this ego enormous charisma, love of irony and the image of Seremba, which is already beginning to spread in people,” says the film’s producer Stanislav Tiunov.

“Producer”will be implemented in Ukrainian reality legendary Hollywood Comedy genre of the film is travel. The shooting of the film has already started, and the premiere will take place on 14 February 2019.

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