After – Chapter 1 : 4 the questions we posed in front of the film

After - Chapitre 1 : 4 questions qu'on s'est posées devant le film

After – Chapter 1 : 4 the questions we posed in front of the film

You expect it, it FINALLY arrives in the cinema ! It is this Wednesday, April 17, that comes out After Chapter 1, the adaptation of the novel by Anna Todd with Josephine Langford and Hero-Fiennes Tiffin in the roles of Tessa and Hardin. PRBK was able to see the film with a bit of advance, and is asked questions during the screening.

Before Avengers : Endgame which arrives next week in cinemas, this is another phenomenon that happens at the cinema : the saga “After” ! Originally, Anna Todd had written a fanfiction focused on One Direction and more specifically Harry Styles. A few years and a rewrite later, the american published in 2014 the first novel of”After”, series five, not to mention the two novels of “Before” that tell this takes place before “After”, but from the point of view of Hardin. Five years and many upheavals later, adaptation ciné finally arrives. And so much to tell you right away, it has not necessarily been captivated by the film…

After, it tells what already ?

Tessa tastes finally to freedom. Far from his mother, overbearing and his little friend a little too nice, she starts her studies at the university and meets his roommate rebel that gives himself a mission : the dévergonder a bit and take in an evening. She crosses the road to Hardin, a student tattooed and act cold and distant. A meeting that will change his life…

After : the trailer for the film

The team PRBK was able to discover After a few weeks before its theatrical release, and is asked a few questions.

The writers have really read the book ?

It is what is is requested from the first minutes of the film. Already, since when Hardin runs after Tessa ? No, but what ? In the first volume of the saga literary Anna Todd, the bad boy is clearly a small c** with the heroine. It must be said. Here, the roles are reversed. Josephine Langford plays a teenager much less fragile than in the books, the character played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin falls completely under the charm. Except that it is she who is supposed to play the loving transit, with the eye and heart !

And the writers have not only taken liberties with the characters of the main roles. Even the secondary characters have been changed. For example, one has downright changed sex (Tristan is interpreted by the ex-BFF Kylie Jenner, who changes not bad things). As for the bet, the plot of which itself arises when the same has been revised and corrected. At the outset, Hardin had a bet with his buddies that he was going to lose to Tessa her virginity. A behavior just to vomit. Finally, in the feature-length film, it’s just a matter of dropping in love for him. Of course, it is not much better, but this is not as cruel.

After - Chapitre 1 : 4 questions qu'on s'est posées devant le film

After : Josephine Langford in the role of Tessa

But, it was not supposed to be a new Fifty Shades of Grey ?

The success of the saga literary “After” is somewhat comparable to that of “Fifty Shades of Grey” even if the novels are aimed at a category of readers and of the readers, more young people. Who says Fifty Shades is said necessarily sex even if the three films with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were not a porn. The trailer, from posters to typography are downright identical, it’s impossible not to make the connection between After and Fifty Shades of Grey. But seeing the film, it is the cold shower : we see NOTHING at ALL. No stage just a little bit sexy is this (okay, you give a because Hardin unbuttoned the pants of Tessa, etc.). What a disappointment (and not because we’re perverts) !

After - Chapitre 1 : 4 questions qu'on s'est posées devant le film

After : Hero Fiennes-Tiffin in the role of Hardin

It is sure that Josephine Langford is not the twin sister of Katherine Langford ?

If there’s one thing to save in After, it is Josephine Langford. At 21 years old, the australian actress holds her first big role and does not disappoint, particularly in the scenes most exciting times during which Hero Fiennes-Tiffin fails a little. But above all, the actress seems to be the perfect copy of her famous sister : Katherine Langford aka Hannah in 13 Reasons Why. Throughout the film, one is amazed at the physical similarities between the two sisters (especially when Tessa has the attached hair or wet) but also on the side of the voice. One almost expected to hear a little “Welcome to your tape” at every moment.

After - Chapitre 1 : 4 questions qu'on s'est posées devant le film

Katherine Langford is the big sister of Josephine Langford and it shows

And as a result, they will make a sequel ?

It was a little struggle in front of the film, but it ends on a (small) cliffhanger ! There arises, therefore, necessarily the question of a possible Chapter 2. Is it in the cards ? Not impossible, obviously, but this will depend on the success (or not) of the film in cinemas. Another question that arises and that is more delicate : how are the reaction of the fans in the face of the film we would have wanted a lot more faithful to the novel by Anna Todd ? Response as soon as tomorrow !

After Chapter 1 of the cinema from this Wednesday 17 April.

For those who wish to (re)discover the book that inspired the film, After is available to edition Hugo Novel collector’s edition, with a preface by Anna Todd for his French readers, a chapter bonus, a photo booklet, 16-pages or even a brand-page.

Mary Piat and Aubéry Mallet

After - Chapitre 1 : 4 questions qu'on s'est posées devant le film

After : Josephine Langford is the star of the film


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