After – Chapter 2 : Tessa and Hardin between love, sex and anger in the trailer ultra hot

After – Chapter 2 (After We Collided) : Anna Todd unveils the trailer ultra hot with Josephine Langford (Tessa) and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (Hardin)

After a first part of After more the water rose, the book, fans of the saga signed Anna Todd will be able to rinse the eye thanks to the trailer hot After – Chapter 2. Obviously, the sequel to the film seems much more sensual. Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) reveal themselves very naked and hot as coals. But other problems are going to come to put in the middle of their romance, and one of them is called Trevor (Dylan Sprouse).

Anna Todd reveals the trailer hot After 2 After – Chapter 2

In April 2019, Anna Todd, Josephine Langford, and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin had gathered in Paris for the premiere of the first part of After, where it had been invited PRBK. The film inspired by the saga erotic-literary Anna Todd had thrilled to many teens. They will be delighted to learn that the author has unveiled the trailer for the sequel, the After – Chapter 2 (After We Collided (in the original).

While Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, who play the heroes Tessa and Hardin, had announced the end of production in September 2019, you can now discover the first images of the second opus. A video hot in which the main characters let themselves go. “Their relationship is more hot and more sexy that never was” to prevent the sub-titles. And it is clear that the trailer is ultra sensual, with several sex scenes that look much more hot and realistic than those of’After – Chapter 1.

Trevor (Dylan Sprouse), the temptation of Tessa (Josephine Langford)

In addition to these sequences lustful, the story also puts forward a new obstacle in the romance of two young people : Trevor, portrayed by Dylan Sprouse (the twin brother of Cole Sprouse that you know to play Jughead in Riverdale on Netflix). “Their love will be tested again,” is it written in the trailer, clearly showing that Tessa will be tempted by the beautiful kid. “My Tessa would never have done that” cowardly Hardin in the video, to which she replied : “I am not your Tessa”.

Another problem is that Tessa is not able to forget the evil that Hardin has done with this history of bet. “I still can’t forgive” can we hear you say. “Then yesterday evening it didn’t mean anything to you ?” he answers his example Will they be able to put their grudges and temptations aside to give a real second chance ?

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