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After “Dad Hammer”: Réal Béland returns to CASA with the show “Réal disembarks”

After “Papa Hammer”: Réal B&é;land returns to CASA with the’ program “Real arrives”


As skilled with jokes as with circular saws, comedian Réal Béland will be back at CASA with a second show, “Réal disembarks”, this spring. 

Produced by Trinome et filles, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the 12 half-hours will be directed by Julien Fervac-Caron. We will follow Réal to hardware stores where he will offer his help to people involved in renovation projects. This work could take place in a house, condo or backyard.

Filming is underway and no release date has been communicated at this stage.

Réal will add a decorative touch to the environment of the people he supports with the complicity of his handyman and designer Daphnée Morin, who has made her mark online by showcasing recycled materials.


Last year, the comedian presented “Papa Hammer” on CASA, a program in which he accompanied one of his daughters in his project to build his first home on the family property, in the Laurentians.< /p>

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