After discouragement, confidence reigns at St-Hubert de Magog

A sense of discouragement has taken over the owners of the St-Hubert restaurant located in Magog, Caroline Proulx and Jean Beauchesne, in the wake of the collapse of part of the ceiling of their establishment. However, after finding that they had good support from their partners, they quickly regained confidence.

“Given the circumstances, we were a little slaughtered Wednesday late afternoon, recognizes without difficulty Ms. Proulx. But it was not long. We are really supported by the St-Hubert channel and everyone. We will not give up. “

To better understand, it must be remembered that the viaduct over Highway 10, not far from the establishment of two restaurants, was closed for a few months at the end of 2017. This closure, caused by an accident of the road has caused a significant decrease in traffic in some businesses in the area.

Wednesday at the end of the day, part of the ceiling of the main dining room of St-Hubert Magog broke loose and fell heavily on tables, chairs and benches usually used by customers.

When the event occurred, only a small group of people, mostly employees of the establishment, were inside the restaurant. No one was injured, despite the unexpected nature of the incident.

“Employees watched this live and were shocked to see that,” notes Caroline Proulx. There are some who cried. The event surprised them, but in addition they realized that this new misfortune was going to affect them. ”

Closed restaurant

Due to the situation, the restaurant is closed until further notice. However, it is possible that auto service and home deliveries will restart in the short term, as the kitchen was not affected during the incident.

“The value of the damage is unknown at the moment,” said Saint-Hubert Group Senior Communications Advisor Josée Vaillancourt Thursday. We will see what will have to be done based on what will be done. The date of reopening of the restaurant as a whole will depend on the work to be done and the furniture orders to be made. ”

In addition, Ms. Vaillancourt ensures that inspections are regularly conducted in restaurants St-Hubert to check the condition of structures. An inspection would have been conducted at St-Hubert de Magog in 2017, with no problem.

“This is a first for us, this type of incident, says the representative of Groupe St-Hubert. We intend to find out what could have happened. And new inspections will take place in our restaurants to ensure customer safety. ”

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