After installing Windows updates 10 people stop working computers

После установки обновлений Windows 10 у людей перестают работать компьютеры

Recently had to release an update called KB4457128.In the us Microsoft employs some of the most lazy developers, because they always admit some missteps, which then are very unpleasant things, reports the with reference to

Due to the lack of thorough testing of the software, even a small patch weighing in at a few megabytes can just bring the Windows 10 operating system down, and with it kill the computer, because without the OS it will be impossible to use, which is quite logical.

Recently had to release an update called KB4457128 that is already available for download and installation to all users. He update like is normal, that is, it does not affect the operation of your computer in the worst way, but there is one important caveat.

After you install this software then it again begins to appear in the Windows update 10, and if no action is taken the modern, then it will be again. Many users who have update KB4457128 established two times faced with the fact that the computer is simply no longer included. It happened due to the fact that denied service system Servicing Stack Update (SSU).

At startup appears the message with the words “Error. Failed to install the SSU before the LCU. Turn off your computer and turn on again”. Of course, rebooting the electronic device does not solve the problem, that is, the operating system needs some way to repair or reinstall. In both cases, the personal time that has become for many people a problem, because the computers are not only used for playing games and watching movies, but also to complete the work, which many people make money their bread. The company Microsoft in his spirit had a surprise for users on Windows 10, releasing an update that kills the computers.

Of course, this shortcoming soon to be corrected, however, this one is guaranteed to happen again, because the famous American manufacturer of the software does not extract any lessons from their mistakes, and it’s very sad.

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