After Keith flint, The Prodigy has lost another member

Вслед за Китом Флинтом, The Prodigy лишились еще одного участника

The Prodigy

It’s hard and scary to believe, but the cult group The Prodigy there was a second tragedy. After the suicide of 49-year-old frontman Keith flint, the news of which broke the media and the hearts of fans on March 4, it became known that he died Cornelius Murphy – head of security team. He was a close friend of musicians and often spent time with them, friends called him Con.

On the death of the other team announced on the official website of The Prodigy, but also on the group page in Instagram. The team recalls with regret “Superman Horse”, which, according to the musicians, was a great and loyal friend who is always “covered their backs, cared for them” and “pulled out of many difficult situations during the tours.” The group has also published several joint pictures of con Murphy and Keith flint.

The cause of death, according to the daughter, Murphy, has become the cancer, which he fought for many years.

It is worth Recalling that on 4 March it became known about the suicide of the lead singer of The Prodigy Keith flint, who is called “king of electronic punk.”

Fans of punk around the world I can’t believe this tragic news, however the biggest shock was the reason for the suicide of flint sources claim that he hanged himself because of the divorce.

Reporters learned that two years before the suicide of lead singer of The Prodigy Keith flint shared between all team members, five million pounds.

Вслед за Китом Флинтом, The Prodigy лишились еще одного участника

The money musicians earned for a few years

He and bandmate Liam Howlett and Maxim (real name Keith Palmer), shared funds they received equally. Last year the team earned almost 2 million pounds and 3 million the year before.

In the past two years The Prodigy have performed more than 70 concerts and festivals.

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