After “La Voix”: Rémi Basque, the wild cat on the loose

After “La Voix”: Réi Basque, the wildcat on the loose ;


Marjo sang “We don't tame wild cats” and this maxim applies well to describe Rémi Basque, semi-finalist in the second season of The Voice, which moved away from the spotlight after its television appearance, only to reappear better afterwards.

“It's a shame to say, but La Voix showed me what I disliked less about this job,” he said. he revealed in an interview with the QMI Agency. “My competitor friends were walking around everyone’s launches, I didn’t want to know about that, it was way too framed. I can't say that it didn't bring me great show opportunities, but I prefer to have all my freedom.”

No question of changing his habits, the native of Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick, first returned to play in the metro and then began to work on his original material, mainly in the in. A first album, 1984, which he signed with his stage name Ray Marcianno, was released in March 2016. 

“Ray is my nickname, all my friends call me that and Marcianno, I took it when we were making our Facebook profiles a number of years ago and I was watching Raging Bull, along with 'Rocky Marciano', and the name is remained.”

But it was really his time at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby, in 2019, where he really saw the potential of his songs. “With my journey to the semi-finals, my songs played on satellite radio,” he shared.

Now what?

< p>In addition to working on his solo material, Rémi has been singing for three years with the French-speaking punk band “Barnak”, a genre not very present in Quebec. “We wanted to offer good material in French to people that will compete with all the American groups.” The group's first music video, 1999, will be released on Friday.

Rémi is also collaborating on the next album by Ema Landry, a folk singer from the North Shore. “We've been working together since La Voix, she had also auditioned but she wasn't chosen by any coach, but we got along really well since the adventure and we collaborate well, because of our completely opposite characters,” he mentioned.

Ray Marcianno's solo material can be found on Bandcamp. To be informed of his next projects, go to his Facebook page.