After losing the battle with Pacquiao, Broner said that he clearly won the fight

Після програного бою з Пакьяо Бронер заявив, що він чисто виграв поєдинок

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The judges gave preference to Manny

Unable to select “normal” the title of world champion WBA in the Welterweight (up to 66.7 kg) Filipino Manny Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39 KO’s), American Adrian Broner (33-4-1, 24 KO’s) in a post-fight interview with Jim gray burst into an angry tirade hurt the boxer.

By the firm conviction of Adrian, he was by far the better team, and the judges, who saw the victory of Pacquiao with a score of 116-112 (twice) and 117-111, watched some other match.

“I beat him. I clearly won the fight. I controlled the fight. I made him miss, and he got a clean hit,” he said Broner.

“I know why I did it. They want to disrupt the money on another match of Pacquiao and Mayweather. Well, okay, no problem. Everyone saw that I won,” concluded the American.

Earlier it was reported that Pacquiao won Broner by unanimous decision.

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