After : Louane in the role of Tessa, Anna Todd reveals why it was not done (Interview)

Anna Todd interview on PRBK for the exit After, Chapter 1

If Josephine Langford, sister of Katherine Langford, has been chosen to play Tessa in the movie After Anna Todd was also considering Louane for the role. Yes, the French singer has well and truly failed to interpret the sweetheart of Hardin. The author of the saga literary success explains in an interview with PRBK why it was not done.

Find an actress for the role of Tessa has been a long journey. Indiana Evans, Dianna Agron, Julia Goldani… a lot of names have been mentioned, but one of them has surprised not bad world : it is Louane ! Anna Todd, the author of the saga After, and the singer caused a wave of hysteria on the Canvas in 2016 by posting a photo of the two of us. Viewers were then immediately imagined that the ex-candidate of The Voice was selected to play the duo of Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin).

Anna Todd reveals why Louane has not been able to play Tessa

The rumor has grown considerably all the more that Anna Todd has never hidden his desire to recruit Louane for the film adaptation of his book, but according to her, the fans are maybe a little too rushed. “When I met her, I thought she looked like Tessa and when I said it, everyone thought that she was going to play Tessa. Of course she looks to Tessa, but for me it has always been Indiana Evans“, she entrusted to PRBK end of 2016. It is finally Josephine Langford that has inherited the role in After.

And if fans had actually had reason to be pack following the meeting of Louane and Anna Todd ? Three years after, the author reveals in interview to PRBK that the interpreter of “Day 1” has really failed to play Tessa in the movie : “It’s true. It was not because of the distance and the fact that she is often on tour. I love her, she is very nice. I saw her totally in the role of Tessa.

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