After North Korean drone incursion, Seoul may break military deal with Pyongyang

After North Korean drone incursion, Seoul could break a military agreement with Pyongyang


South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said Wednesday he would consider suspending an inter-Korean military agreement reached in 2018 if North Korea again “violates” South Korean territory.  

Mr. Yoon on Wednesday asked his security advisers “to consider suspending the military agreement of September 19 if North Korea commits further provocations by violating our territory”, said the spokeswoman for the presidency. South Korean Kim Eun-hye to the press. 

The agreement, reached in 2018 at a summit in Pyongyang, was aimed at reducing military tensions along the highly secure inter-Korean border by creating maritime “buffer zones”. 

At the time, the two sides agreed to 'stop various military exercises targeting the other side along the military demarcation line' separating the two Koreas, but Pyongyang repeatedly violated the agreement last year .  

Mr. Yoon also called for “the large-scale production by the end of the year of small drones that are difficult to detect” and the creation of a multi-purpose drone unit in order to provide his country with a “counter-attack capability”. -crushing offensive”. 

Abandoning the 2018 agreement “would increase the risk of heightened military tensions and an actual confrontation in the border areas”, Hong Min of the Korea Institute for National Unification told AFP. that this agreement nevertheless helped to “prevent a major military confrontation”. 

“The story will be very different if Yoon puts a political and official end to the agreement”, he said. – he added.  

In 2022, North Korea has repeatedly carried out artillery fire in the maritime “buffer zones” created by the said agreement. 

< p>Last week, North Korea flew five drones over the inter-Korean border, reaching Seoul airspace. 

These violations prompted South Korean ruling party parliamentarians to increase calls for the abandonment of the 2018 agreement. 

After the incursion of North Korean drones, the first such incident in five years, the minister The South Korean Defense Department has apologized after the South Korean military failed to shoot down a single drone despite warning shots being fired and fighter jets deployed.