After ten months of interruption and hardship, the Point de la chance reopens

After ten months of interruption and hardship, the Point de la chance reopens

Arif et son fils Asknder n’ont rien lâché pour rouvrir leur commerce.

L’unique tabac-jeux du quartier avait été saccagé lors des émeutes de 2023.

Le Point de la Chance, tobacco-PMU-various games, a real Super-Nîmes institution, has just reopened after ten months of interruption of activity, as its owner Mohamed Arif explains. Or, quite simply, Arif as all the inhabitants of Pissevin and Valdegour call him: "I have had a business in the neighborhood for 26 years: first in Vadegour and now here, Marcel-Sant gallery, since 2017. Everything was going pretty well until the riots of 2023: following the story of young Nahël, the business was ransacked and it has been closed since June 29, 2023. For a few days , with my son Asknder, we were able to reopen in this location, a few meters from the old one."

Summary thus, the story seems simple whereas, for Arif, it was not: "It’s a difficult journey that we’re going through. The SPL Agate does not make things easier for us, whether in terms of rents, facilities… The lease of the closed business was not renewed, and fortunately I had kept the space in which we are reopening today, otherwise we would have been on the street and there would no longer be this type of business in a neighborhood which has thousands < i> inhabitants. You should know that today we are the only tobacco games in the Valdegour-Pissevin-Super Nîmes area. This room was our escape route."

And the trouble doesn't end there: "We went from a 220 m2 business to one of 38 m2 and we were delivered late in tobacco, resulting in an additional shortfall. There is no internet: Orange tells us that a prefectural decree confirms the ban on the movement of technicians in the area. There is also all the work. Nobody helps us", continues Arif before concluding: "Without this tobacco game it's the death of the neighborhood because it's also a place of life, of meeting, a friendly place which strongly animates Pissevin."

Arif and his son are pugnacious, the Point de la chance is standing strong to bring something more to the life of the neighborhood, to the great happiness of its inhabitants.

Le Point de la chance, 119 Marcel gallery -Sant, Nîmes.

Correspondent Midi Libre: 06 87 35 18 06

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