After the chaos, the calm in the clinics

Après la cohue, le calme dans les cliniques de dépistage

The clinical screening of the COVID-19 of the city were almost deserted, and on Saturday, after being overwhelmed last week.

Those who came in the morning to the clinical testing of the rue Chauveau, in the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, they were not expecting almost no one to pass their test.

On Tuesday, some people have had to wait up to five hours in line in front of some clinics in the city before being able to take the test.

In order to reduce the waiting time, and the CIUSSS of the island have put in place measures to increase the offer of service. These changes seem to have borne fruit since the persons who presented in the clinics, on Saturday, have been waiting for almost not.

“We go immediately, I did not wait”, confirmed to TVA News a lady who is go away for a couple of minutes after arriving at the center Chauveau.

“I was expecting it to be the same thing all day long. Finally, fortunately, there are less people. I think it will encourage people to get tested more easily,” has launched a man came to pass a screening test.

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