After the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis approves a “new model” of police

Après la mort de George Floyd, Minneapolis approuve un «nouveau modèle» de police

The municipality of Minneapolis has approved Friday the transformation of its police to create a “new model” of public safety, a measure-a shock after the death late may to George Floyd at the time of his arrest in the northern city of United States.

A working group should submit, by July 24, a series of proposals to “help Minneapolis to move to a new model for public safety,” said city council, in its resolution, approved unanimously.

This group includes members of the police forces and specialists of civil rights, of equality and of relations between the communities.

The police in its current form will not disappear in the short term since the process must last for a year.

The city council had announced on Sunday its willingness to dismantle its police accused her of being “structurally racist” after the death of George Floyd, a black man of 46 years old, was asphyxiated by a white policeman who had remained kneeling on him for nearly nine minutes on the 25th of may.

His agony, which was broadcast on the social networks, has triggered a wave of protest that the United States had more been known for decades, and the anger against racism and police brutality has spread throughout the world.

The officer in charge, Derek Chauvin, as well as three other officers present at the scene have been charged.

This resolution represents “our shared commitment to a change in depth of the public safety das the city” so that each member of our community can be really safe, ” said the president of the council, Lisa Bender, in a press release.

Several members of the council have also requested that the dismantling of the policy be submitted to a vote in the 3 November.

In its resolution, the council recalls that George Floyd is in addition to a “long list of tragic” victims of police violence in Minneapolis.

His death is “a tragedy that shows that no reform will prevent the abuse of lethal and abuse of some members of the police against members of our community, especially those black and of color,” he adds.

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