After the holidays, it's time to import the photos from your GoPro camera

After the holidays, it’s time to upload your camera photos ;ra GoPro


With software on your macOS computer, it's easy to import content from your GoPro camera – a process similar to importing photos from a camera. 

First, connect your camera to the Mac with the supplied cable or insert the SD card in a dedicated reader.

In the macOS Applications folder, look for the Image Capture app, which will show your GoPro action camera icon in the left column. If necessary, click its icon to display video and photo files in the preview area on the right.

Select the images you want to import. To select more than one, click on the first one, hold down the Command key (on your keyboard), then select the other images.

At the bottom of the window, select the destination folder from the “Import to” drop-down list. Or, choose “Download All” if you prefer to sort it out later.

In the left column, the GoPro icon will appear instead of the iPhone icon

Click the Import button and wait while the transfer which can be long depending on the amount of videos to be transferred.

In 4K video format, expect heavy! As a rule of thumb, storage must have at least 20% free space at all times, or risk saturation and performance worthy of a 90s computer. 

Once the transfer is complete, you will need to proceed to the sorting and mounting stage.

Other transfer options are described on the GoPro site at this address.

On Windows 10/11

Here, connecting to a Windows computer can be done with GoPro's small Quick software (only supported on HERO7 Black cameras or earlier), an SD card adapter, Autoplay options, or manually with Explorer files from Windows.

The last three methods are very similar since your Windows will recognize as soon as you plug in the storage of your GoPro or the SD card whose photo and video content can be imported with the Photos application or with Windows File Explorer.

You will see two folders appear, DCIM and MISC. Double-click on DCIM to find the 100GOPRO folder. From there, drag and drop the files into the destination folder on your computer. Logically, the Photos folder remains the ideal place for all your photo and video content.

On its site, GoPro suggests the use of an SD card adapter such as the fastest way to transfer your media files.

For more details, here is the GoPro link for transferring to a Windows computer.

Video ratio? It's 10 for 1

As with any home video enthusiast – I speak from experience – it takes several hours just to sort through and remove all video segments and photos that are missed, blurry or superfluous. Not insignificant, this deletion will also avoid saturating the storage of your computer.

To give you an idea of ​​the number of hours to devote: for 10 hours of video content, you will only retain barely 60 min.

Then comes the editing of the selected sequences to make a video that holds up to present it to family, friends or to broadcast it online on your Facebook account , Instagram, etc.

Be aware that every extra second will appear as a length to watch. So, do not hesitate to make a tight assembly. Get inspired by short videos you like online. And insert music that will have to be adjusted according to the circumstances.

In short, during the editing time you will have to step into the shoes of a chief editor or a director. Get to work!