“After the night”: bewitching dreamlike epic



Revisiting surrealism and daydreams in its new composition “After the Night”, the Nord Nord Est troupe presented Wednesday, in a media premiere at TOHU, a completely captivating combined concert and circus show.< /strong>

Designed especially for the circular stage, the dreamlike epic directed by Benoit Landry – who has often worked with Cirque Éloize on various projects – is a journey towards freedom and a surge of life. It also marked the kickoff of the 13th edition of the Montreal Completely Circus Festival, which officially begins this Thursday.

Without limits

On a patch in the center of the stage, decorated like a European rooftop terrace with its tin railings and a few drooping plants, the Montreal band Chances played their electropop pieces throughout the evening, while the circus is articulated around, but also above and below. About halfway through the show, the lozenge took off, allowing the performers on the floor to occupy more playing space, especially for the Cyr wheel and acrobatic gymnastics.

In the air, the acrobats used the full height of the room, even appearing and disappearing, on occasion, in the bowels of the ceiling. The aerial acts, with aerial straps, trapeze and rope, are high caliber, and each equally impressive. The public also greatly appreciated these numbers, applauding and roaring warmly for the artisans of Nord Nord Est.

There seemed to be no limits to what these circus artists could do who sometimes took leaning on sorts of giant macramé chandeliers that hung from the ceiling and acted as a podium or starting bases to soar into the void.

Between the numbers that took place in the air, dancers and contortionists on the ground flexed their bodies in impressive physical feats, in pairs and in groups.

In all, there were a dozen acrobats and dancers to take part in this show guided by the music of the Chances trio which added a lot of magnetism to the numbers. The communion between the concert and the circus show was also very well judged.

“Après la nuit” will be presented at TOHU until July 16, while the Montreal Completely Circus Festival continues until to July 17.