After the release of astronauts into space to survey the hole in the “Union”

Названа дата выхода космонавтов в открытый космос для обследования отверстия в "Союзе"

The time of release and its duration are not yet known.“Roskosmos” reported that on December 11 the Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopiev, and Oleg Kononenko will be released into outer space to explore the outside “Soyuz MS-09” in the casing which in August had discovered the hole, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

However, the time of release and its duration are not yet known, Russian media reported. As reported, in late August, on the International space station depressurization. The astronauts managed to find a hole in the hull of a docked Soyuz and seal it.

For further study, the astronauts will cut the part of a meteoroid bumper on the outside of the ship.

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