After the whale, a seal overview of Laval

Après la baleine, un phoque aperçu à Laval

LAVAL | outdoor enthusiasts have received the amazing tour to a seal Tuesday at the marina Bo-Bi-No in Laval, overlooking the river of the Thousand Islands.

The marine mammal approached the docks and was given a spectacle is stirring in the water and rising to the surface on numerous occasions. He finally adopted a floating dock to relax at the sight of all the curious.

Although it is an arctic species, it is not unlikely that bearded seals are spotted in the waters of the St. Lawrence river.

“We have reports of individuals of this species in the St. Lawrence river each year. This is the first time that it has been reporting so far, the bearded seals, stopping most often around Three Rivers”, explained Marie-Eve Mueller, editor-in-chief of “Whales live”.

Wednesday, the posters were asked at the marina Bo-Bi-No to remind the rules to be observed in the presence of seals, such as not to get any closer than 50 metres.

“If a seal comes out of the water, it is that he needs to rest. So you want to give him the necessary space so that he can rest and start afresh when it will be ready,” added Ms. Mueller, who is part of the Group for research and education on marine mammals (GREMM).

This last reminds us that it is unlawful to attempt to feed, and since the seals can transmit diseases, it is important not to let pets approach it.

If you see the seal again, we invite you to call the hotline for marine mammals at 1 877 722-5346.

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