Again get in trouble Against Svetlana Loboda sue for rudeness

The organizers of the European tour LOBODA require the singer to financial compensation

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Снова влипла: Против Светланы Лободы подают иск за хамство

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda, who recently presented a new track, were back in an unpleasant situation. The famous singer sued the organizers of the European tour LOBODA and require from a star of pecuniary damage, reports “StarHit”.

According to the information of Svetlana Loboda and her Director Natella Krapivina systematically violated the concert schedule, so the tour organisers had to pay for the hall rental, and auto, which moved the singer.

The applicants appealed to the German court of Dusseldorf with the requirement to recover from Loboda tens of thousands of euros for causing financial and professional harm. “On schedule, for example, Loboda had to check out of the hotel to the Playground at 11 o’clock, but in reality was only 14. The concerts were delayed for an hour and more, and when we talked about the audience awaiting the performance, I heard just indifferent: “Nothing can wait”. Of course, we gave additional money to the contractors”, – said the organizers of the tour.

Because of the incident, the company refused further cooperation with the whimsical artist and put it in blacklist. “Svetlana was paid upfront portion of the fee, which we have not yet returned. While the stars will be this management, we do not intend to contact her, made the black list”, – say in Berin Iglesias Art.

Earlier, Svetlana Loboda caught in a scandal on the show “the Voice. Children”, where he acted as a mentor for young performers.

Watch the video, how many takes LOBODA for her performance:

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