Against the RN, if the mobilization declines the convictions remain intact

Against the RN, if the mobilization declines the convictions remain intact

A gathering called by a collective of unions so that “social demands” can be heard. Stéphane Barbier – Stéphane Barbier

Three days before the first round of the early legislative elections (June 30) caused by the dissolution of the National Assembly, nearly 200 people gathered on the square in front of the Cratère theater, in Alès, at ;unitary call from the collective CGT, CFDT, Solidaires, Unsa, Fsu and Fo.

As in Nîmes, Uzès and Bagnols, the unions launched, on Thursday June 27, a united call to demonstrate against the extreme right " after the shock of the Europeans " so that " social requirements." By press release the collective specifies that " trade union organizations have been warning for years about the social and democratic crisis sweeping through our country. A politician who turns his back on the social and who creates downgrading, abandonment of our industries and our public services, the passage in force against the historic mobilization against pension reform, the absence of prospects for progress and the trivialization of racist theses, constitutes the breeding ground on which the extreme right thrives."

Not a voice of workers for the National Rally

While a series of measures are then listed in order to respond to the social emergency: Increase in salaries and pensions, return to pensions and pensions. nbsp;on the reform of pensions and unemployment insurance, defense of public services and massive investments in education, the health system or the taxation of super profits, it is a rather elderly audience who gathered around the banner of the New Cévennes Popular Front, the result of the coalition of left-wing political parties: PCF, PS, LFI and Ecologists.

Before marching through the city center, Martine Sagit, secretary of the local CGT union, closed her speech with a blunt message: & ;quot; Not a voice of workers for the National Rally ". Targeted in particular, Jordan Bardella, far-right candidate in the European elections and probable candidate for the post of Prime Minister, by the youth dropping a message on the microphone, again, without ambiguity: «&nbsp ;It’s not the immigrants, it’s not the undocumented, it’s Bardella who needs to be fired! »

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