Agathe Auproux : hidden secrets about his departure from TPMP ? Rant against the rumors

Agathe Auproux : des secrets cachés sur son départ de TPMP ? Coup de gueule contre les rumeurs

Agathe Auproux : hidden secrets about his departure from TPMP ? She pushes a rant

Due to his recent health problems (she fought against a cancer), and her desire to breathe and find yourself, Agathe Auproux announced his departure from TPMP. A decision is understandable, however, led some users to wonder about the behind-the-scenes. What upset the ex-columnist, led a rant on Instagram.

Agathe Auproux leaves TPMP

In the beginning of the year, Agathe Auproux announced to be suffering from cancer. And if the columnist is now in remission, this event has necessarily left traces. Also, as it was assigned to the 4th December last, after several months éreintants and stressful, it has simply taken the decision to move away from Touch not my post.

I made the decision to put an end to my collaboration with H2O, with whom I loved working on these (almost !) The last 3 seasons. (…) As you know I have lived a particular year, very sick, very often to the hospital. (…) Taking finally the time of reflection, I know that I now need to sail on to new projects“, explained it on his account Instagram.

Rant on the reaction of the public

A departure which was much affected by Cyril Hanouna, but has also interviewed many viewers. Eager for fighting, of badbuzz, of drama… some have in fact been calling into question the true reasons of the end-of-course on C8. On the occasion of a FAQ improvised on his story Instagram (denoted by Tv-Entertainment), a surfer he was asked this : “do you not like this language of wood. Why did you leave H2O ?

A question surprisingly that was not at all pleased to Agathe Auproux. Always in the story, she had to put things back in place on her work situation : “What a wooden language ? This is not because you are hungry grisly stories or scandals reality to fit your delusions. Drink plenty of fluids. I left H2O because I took the time to think about life after the disease, and I wanted to throw myself into new projects“.

And in order to silence one last time to the critics and turn off the beginnings of rumors, the star of the small screen, was then added in conclusion : “And love H2O, Cyril, teams, forever. And thank you to them for having me understood.” The message is passed, it is hoped that it will be heard.

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