Agde: Place Jean-Jaurès, Marie-Laure Corréard’s boutique has found its clientele

Agde: Place Jean-Jaurès, Marie-Laure Corréard’s boutique has found its clientele

Marie Laure Corréard and her daughter Elora in the boutique on Place Jean-Jaurès. FREE MIDI – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

“The’Timeless” opened a month ago, as part of the commercial revitalization of the city heart. A system presented Tuesday June 18 by the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration and the economic attractiveness agency Blue Invest. Nineteen new merchants will open their shops in the historic center in the coming weeks, in premises belonging to the community.

It's difficult to find a better ambassador than Marie-Laure Corréard. While the president of the Agglo Sébastien Frey and Pascal Pintre, director of the economic agency Blue Invest, presented on Tuesday the commercial revitalization plan for the heart of the city of Agde (read below), we met Marie-Laure Corréard, who has just opened a ready-to-wear and second-hand accessories boutique on Place Jean-Jaurès, coupled with the sale of furniture and decorations, called L& rsquo;Timeless.

Low rents, ideal for getting started

She doesn’t hide it: she’s delighted! "Knowing the city center of Agde, I expected it to be a little complicated at first", admits -she."But this is really a nice surprise. There is a lot of passing through, not necessarily customers from elsewhere, but a lot of curiosity and interest. And above all, customers come back."

The system set up by the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration and the Blue agency makes it possible to accommodate traders in premises which belong to the community, for derisory rents. Fifty-eight applications were received during the call for projects, nineteen selected, including that of Marie-Laure. Who opened her store a month ago now and likes to repeat that this revitalization project , she believes it. "I'm positive and I hope it works for everyone."

From rue Muratet to rue Jean-Roger

There are therefore nineteen of them initially to settle down along a path which leads from rue Muratet to rue Jean-Roger, the latter alone having around ten installations . Next year, other merchants will be chosen to open shops along the Promenade, once the project is completed.

With the opening of Château Laurens and the future pedestrian bridge over the Hérault, the puzzle falls into place. And with it, the hopes of the Agathois who want to see their city heart revived.

Sébastien Frey: “a concrete desire to act”

There was a crowd late Tuesday morning in the premises of the tourist office in the heart of the city on the occasion of the presentation of the commercial revitalization plan for the historic center of’ rsquo;Agde, by the Hérault-Mediterranean agglomeration and the Blue economic agency.

New president of the community, Sébastien Frey insisted on the fact that we should not live "in the nostalgia of no longer being, but of look to the future." He notably recalled that commercial premises had been bought by the Agglo in recent years, "to express a concrete desire to act."

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