Agde: the Agglo invests €240,000 in the purchase of commercial premises on the Promenade

Agde: the Agglo invests €240,000 in the purchase of commercial premises on the Promenade

Les acquisitions de pieds d’immeubles se poursuivent, sur la Promenade cette fois. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

La 2e phase de l’opération de revitalisation commerciale du cœur de ville débute.

If the evacuation of hundreds of tons of rubble from the former Brescou islet is the attraction of the moment in the heart of the city, it took place on Monday June 24, on the occasion of the Hérault-Mediterranean agglomeration council which was held in Vias, an important chapter in the perspective of the commercial revitalization of the historic center.

Nineteen traders come to settle down

We remember that last week, the Agglo and the economic attractiveness agency Blue presented a system which will initially allow nineteen traders to establish themselves in the rue Muratet, Louis-Bages and Jean-Roger, in premises which belong to the community. Which will, as such, apply low rents and thus allow these professionals, this is the idea in any case, to start their activity without the pressure of having to pay an astronomical rent each month.

While waiting to learn more about the effectiveness of an operation which is to be linked to the developments which are and will be carried out in the neighborhood, the community elected officials have already entered phase 2 of this desired commercial revitalization.

New life for old neighborhood bars

Monday evening therefore, among the 93 items on the agenda, four concerned acquisitions of premises carried out on rue du 4-Septembre, at the very top of the Promenade. In the lens"to commercially develop the ground floors of buildings", as was stipulated in these deliberations, four premises were purchased by the Agglo, numbers 16, 17, 18 and 19, for the sum of 240,000 euros. Old bars, notably now empty, which should not remain so for long, after a necessary refreshment. By 2025, the community wishes to establish new businesses on this historic artery of Agde, which is the subject of major requalification work, again according to this same system of almost symbolic rent, in order to densify and revitalize the economic fabric of the historic center.

There is no shortage of applications, which is already a first encouraging signal. Sustaining these activities will be another matter, but it is not forbidden to believe in them, quite the contrary.

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