Agde: the commissioning of the new funeral center is hoped for All Saints’ Day

Agde: the commissioning of the new funeral center is hoped for All Saints’ Day

Sur le terrain où s’était installé le Chat agathois, le groupe Funecap construit un nouveau centre. MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL DESNOS

À côté du cimetière, le chantier du groupe Funecap annonce une concurrence accrue dans ce secteur d’activité.

Chosen two years ago by the municipality to build a new funeral center in Agde, the Funecap group, a heavyweight in the sector, which includes the Roc Eclerc brand among its subsidiaries, will be in working order after the summer, as confirmed by Michèle Tardy, municipal councilor responsible in particular for the management of the cemetery. "The work will normally be completed in September, even if the issuance of the necessary authorizations for such equipment will take a little longer of time. In any case, an opening before All Saints' Day seems to be a reasonable deadline."

Start a price battle

We know that Michèle Tardy, renowned for her outspokenness, does not appreciate the fact that Agathois families are sometimes forced to go to Vias, Bessan, or even Béziers, to accompany their deceased. For its part, the City had never hidden that it wanted a little more competition in this sector of activity, for a better service offering of course, but also to trigger a price battle between the different providers, which generally benefits bereaved families. "We also insisted in the call for projects on services, administrative in particular", continues Michèle Tardy. "For example, there will always be a person available at reception to provide information and direct families."

Four new burial chambers

From a technical point of view, this future funeral center will have a floor area of ​​approximately 330 m² on a plot of 800 m² sold for 375 000 € by the City, when it was estimated at 200,000 euros; by France Domaine. It will include a funeral home, a funeral agency "and above all will have four funeral rooms", adds elected, not a little satisfied to be able to present to the Agathois an additional offer that was so lacking.

We continue to expand the cemetery

"We were starting to get cramped." Michèle Tardy, l& rsquo;elected official in charge of the cemetery, sums up in a few words the problems encountered at the old cemetery. And if the municipality recovers abandoned open ground graves every year, it was necessary to decide on a new extension, where the Le Chat agathois association had been based for several years and where the festival committee of ;Agde and Cap stored equipment.
Let us remember that in Agde, almost half of the population is over 60 years old and that their aging poses new problems, particularly in terms of funerals.

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