Agencies unable to attract and retain employees

Des organismes incapables de garder et d’attirer des préposés

Unable to match the salary of $ 26 per hour offered to future employees, community-based organizations that provide services to persons with disabilities losing many employees, and fear of not being able to hire qualified personnel.

“It is shoring up our bodies, the impact, on the lives already. After the announcement of the government, there have been two resignations from employees parties in NURSING homes, ” says Gaétane Lefebvre, director of The House next door, which provides services in accommodation for people with disabilities in Joliette.

Since prime minister François Legault has increased the fees of the clerks who work in accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLD), the situation becomes difficult for many community organizations. And for good reason, many employees resign in order to earn a better wage working in the residences.

Premium of $ 4

The House next door, the orderlies without a degree start at $ 14 an hour and to 14.5 per hour for a graduate student.

To attempt to keep its staff during the crisis, the administration of the charity has also granted a premium of $ 4 per hour temporarily, without knowing if the government will repay, ” says Ms. Lefebvre. But despite this, many leave their post.

As Ms. Lefebvre, Annie Lemay, director of the organization of The Almond, which offers housing that is adapted to Repentigny, also saw its staff from, sometimes the same staff there for almost ten years.

For her, the situation becomes extremely difficult.

“Before the crisis, we already had four vacant positions, but today, I’m at least nine employees. Here, then, we say that it will be necessary that we close our doors “, she argues.

Attract employees

Because of the offer of the government, the two guidelines do not know how they will be able to attract new employees. For them, the State must act quickly for the people they serve can maintain their autonomy and their life. “We need concrete actions, it is necessary that Québec grants an increase in recurrent grant so that we can also offer competitive salaries,” says Ms. Lefebvre.

Annie Lemay abounds in the same direction. “It is no longer just a question of money, it is necessary that we find people who will want to come to work with us, and we do not know how to do it. It is nonsense that all the employees do not have similar salaries, ” said the director of the Almond trees.

The two women agree to say that Quebec should not only give an envelope, ” but recurring amounts, and at the same height as that which is given to the CHSLD “.

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