Agents also well-paid as a nurse

Des préposés aussi bien payés qu’une infirmière

The decision to increase the salary of orderlies in NURSING homes to 26 per hour will require the government Legault to increase the hourly rate of other professionals working with the elderly, such as nurses and nurse-auxiliaries.

With his training paid for and picked up in three months, announced Wednesday, Quebec will obtain a position of care attendant (PAB) starting from next autumn the new hourly rate of$ 26. The offer of Quebec is so generous that the 10 000 candidates will benefit from an entry level wage higher than that of a nurse who starts in the profession (24,08$ 2019).

“I don’t want to, you are going to understand, negotiate on the public square, but I actually understand that those where there are more requirements should earn at least the same salary,” said prime minister François Legault in a press conference Thursday.

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The private sector also

In the same way, Quebec will have to raise the hourly rate of the PAB who are working in a seniors ‘ residence. The owners of these establishments fear an exodus of their employees, much less well paid than the public’s.

The government Legault toying currently with the idea to impose, by decree, a floor for wages or to help the private residences financially, as is currently the case with the premium of $ 4 an hour. “There are two possibilities : or they charge more expensive to the citizens or the government makes an effort to help citizens who want to go into these homes,” says Mr. Legault.

“You need to understand that we are going to better to pay the orderlies in the public, in the private sector in the coming years”, he added.

Foreign recruitment

In the meantime, the government also intends to recruit 550 clerks recipient from abroad, at the opening of the borders.

“Over the years, Québec has faced a nagging problem of labour in this profession, and this, in all the regions of Quebec, has reminded the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette. The immigration needs to do its part to meet this challenge”.

The workers recruited at the international level will be eligible for the quebec program of training of the COP, 870 hours, after which they will have to work for a year to obtain permanent residence.

The army must remain

Moreover, François Legault was very critical to the refusal of Ottawa to keep canadian soldiers in NURSING homes until mid-September. “Quebec pays its share to the army, he stressed. I understand that there are other priorities, but it seems to me that the priority, currently, I cannot think of anything more urgent than dealing with our world in our NURSING homes and then the same thing in the centers of long-term care in Ontario.”

In Ottawa, the prime minister Justin Trudeau said he was open to discussion, but points out that the presence of soldiers “is not a long-term solution”.

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