'Aggressive' feral cows will be shot from a helicopter



US authorities will attempt to shoot 150 feral cows, considered “aggressive” and dangerous to wildlife in a western forest, by shooting at them from a helicopter, have -they announced on Friday.

The operation will be carried out by specialized agents who will fly over the Gila National Forest in the state of New Mexico between Thursday and Sunday.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but the removal of feral livestock from the area is necessary in order to ensure public safety, (protect) the habitats of threatened and endangered species (.. .),” said Gila National Forest manager Camille Howes.

“Wild cattle in the Gila Forest have been aggressive towards walkers,” she also warned. in a statement.

Forest authorities say shooting cows from the air is 'the most efficient and humane way to deal with this problem' .

The method has previously been used in “predator damage management operations” to “eradicate” targeted populations like coyotes in New Mexico, the Department of the United States said. state wildlife in a statement.