Agnès Martin-Lugand, a late reader who now reads a lot!

Agnès Martin-Lugand, a late reader who now reads a lot!< /p> UPDATE DAY

Currently visiting Montreal for the Salon du livre, French novelist Agnès Martin-Lugand shares her top picks with us.

Can you tell us about the first novel that you literally adored?

I was a late reader. I was a little refractory to what we were made to read at school and suddenly, I started reading late. But the first novel for adults that I had fun reading was Fanfan by Alexandre Jardin. This novel, it moved me, it made me dream, it made me think. I was addicted to this crazy love story, which then made me want to discover the other books by Alexandre Jardin.

Of all the books you've read, has anyone played a special role in your life? 

If today I have to take stock of my living environment in relation to who I am, I must speak of Freud's Five Psychoanalyses. It took me a long time to love literature as such. But I read Freud at the end of high school and that's what led me to psychology. This book represents something special for me, because without this introduction to psychoanalysis, I would not have gone to psychology and I would not have written novels. 

What novel have you read with great pleasure lately?

Summer After Summer by Elin Hilderbrand. This impossible love story, it took me very, very far and made me cry. […] Yes, they are made for each other, but life has decided otherwise… The construction of the novel is really wonderful, to come to such an end, terrible and beautiful at the same time. time. 

And just before it was…

The invisible furies of the heartby John Boyne, which recounts the life of Cyril, a little boy who was adopted and who will realize quite a young age that he is attracted to boys in an Ireland that did not tolerate homosexuality well… I still find that John Boyne has a beautiful depth in its analyzes and this book seized me. 

Regardless of genre or year of publication, what are your favorite novels?&nbsp ;

These gentlemen from Saint-Maloby Bernard Simiot. I'm not talking about it just because I'm from Saint-Malo and I live there. For me, it represents everything I look for in a historical novel: love, the little story in the very big story, violence, adventure… 

► Les < em>Chronicle of San Franciscoby Armistead Maupin. It's wonderful, the story that unfolds in this boarding house at 28 Barbary Lane. All the characters are colorful, endearing. And then everything I discovered about the homosexual community in San Francisco, about the arrival of AIDS… It's from the real series, what!

The taste of happiness by Marie Laberge. This saga is one of those that I have reread several times. And again, I vibrated the same way each time. I almost lack words to talk about it so much I loved this series. 

The Pursuit of Happinessby Douglas Kennedy. Douglas Kennedy is one of my favorite contemporary authors. His pen always seduces me. So I had to choose a novel by him, and I chose this one for its passionate love story and for its beautiful portrait of a woman. 

On the side of the greats classics, do you have a favourite? 

War and Peace by Tolstoy. I discovered Russian literature late, in 2020, when I started writing La Datcha. I said to myself that I could not write a Russian novel without confronting myself with Russian literature. It was an aesthetic shock in terms of the beauty of the language and the power of the story.  

What are you reading right now? 

Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart. It was my editor who gave it to me, saying: “You'll see, it's shocking.” This contrarian story is so crazy it's fantastic! So yes it is provocative, even shocking at times, and at the same time I laugh, because the author is not afraid to say things. I'm a quarter of it and I love it! 

Which Quebec novel do you plan to discover soon?

I'm waiting to find myself at Montreal Book Fair. I want to take the time to discover Quebec literature. I'm going to be in the right place to be able to do it. 

Agnès Martin-Lugand signing

Today and tomorrow, at the Salon du livre de Montréal, Agnès Martin-Lugand is ready for signings from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at booth 213.