Agreement with Mexico for the arrival of temporary farm workers

Accord avec le Mexique pour la venue de travailleurs agricoles temporaires

The government of Mexico will again be the temporary workers in his country to come to Canada to work in the fields to the result of an agreement with Ottawa.

Due in particular to agricultural workers, mexicans infected by the COVID-19 in the countries, Mexico had temporarily suspended the permissions to make this workforce work on canadian farms this summer.

In a press release published Sunday, Mexico asserts that this agreement aims to ensure better health conditions for these seasonal workers.

A joint group involving the mexican authorities and the federal departments of Agriculture, Health, Immigration and Labour has thus been created. It will be the task of responding to complaints from mexican nationals, identify areas of risk, initiate inspections, and to ensure the care of the Mexicans who became ill in Canada.

The mexican government has welcomed the willingness of Ottawa to find a compromise and ensure the rights of mexican workers.

According to the government of Mexico, more than 16 000 citizens of this country have had the opportunity to come and work in the agricultural sector for an average duration of six months in Canada through bilateral agreements.

Labor, latino-american is vital to the canadian agricultural sector.

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