Agutin was immediately operated on in Israel to return to Russia it is impossible

Агутина срочно прооперировали в Израиле: возвращаться в Россию нельзя

Israel was immediately operated on father Leonid Agutin Nikolai Petrovich. In April, the man was 84 years old. He leads an active lifestyle, recently participated in a music competition “the Voice. 60+”, and before that he married a neighbor named Nina, who is his Junior by 30 years.

Nikolai Petrovich never complained about his health. Recently it became clear that Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum secretly went to Israel to do emergency surgery on the father of the artist, reports Starhit.

“Leon took Nikolai Petrovich to the Israeli doctors because of problems with his lungs. He underwent emergency surgery”. said sources in the environment Agutin

Agutin senior a long time could not recover after a complicated surgery, so the doctors forbade him to fly.

“To the capital Nikolai Petrovich with his son reached first on a boat to Greece, and from there by car – in Russia. Leon along with his wife Angelica was in control treatment, communicated with doctors. Granddaughters, too, was worried about grandfather. Thank God everything ended well”. a source told

Агутина срочно прооперировали в Израиле: возвращаться в Россию нельзя

We will remindthat the Russian singer Angelika Varum receives a higher portion of attention to one’s own family due to constant rumors of infidelities of her husband Leonid Agutin. The actress said on how to understand, if you love a man and shared advice from personal experience.

The corresponding message she posted on a personal page in social network Instagram. Varum noted that she often receives messages about a possible infidelity of her husband, so she decided to “open a discussion”.

Агутина срочно прооперировали в Израиле: возвращаться в Россию нельзя

From personal experience:
1. Don’t confuse men with the serfs, they get tired quickly:)
2. The woman for the man not the one who were impulsive fluid exchange, and one that he, throughout his life, dedicating poems“, – stated in the message.

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