“Ainbo, Princess of the Amazon”: An Ecological Tale

“Ainbo, Princess of the Amazon: An Ecological Tale< /p> UPDATE DAY

Despite several excellent elements, this animated film doesn't always deliver. 

Ainbo (voiced by Audrey Lamy) is a teenage resourceful. Orphan, she lives in the village of Candamo, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, and dreams of being a great huntress despite her forgetfulness and clumsiness. The girl soon discovers that the spirits – a forest demon named Yacuruna – have cast a spell over the village in the form of disappearing diseases, vegetation and fish.

In harmony with the good spirits – notably a tapir and an armadillo -, Ainbo learns that a magic root will enable him to undo his own from the curse of the Yacuruna. But she comes up against the disbelief of the village and then resolves to leave alone.

Animated film lovers will quickly find themes developed in the excellent “FernGully: The Adventures of Zak and Crysta – and so obviously in James Cameron's 'Avatar'. “Ainbo” also bears a certain resemblance, both physical and script, to “Moana” from Disney studios.

But, unlike the films mentioned, “Ainbo, Princess of the Amazon” is definitely aimed at younger children – the little ones may, on the other hand, be afraid of Yacuruna, presented in the form of black smoke with particularly wicked red eyes. The subject is simple, even simplistic, even naive, under exploded exteriors which include talking and multicolored animals.

We therefore adhere to the heart of the message, “Ainbo, Princess of Amazonia” constituting a pleasant outing family cinema.

Note: 3 out of 5