Air Canada: of “abuse” in the regional tariffs, ” says François Legault

Air Canada: de «l’abus» dans les tarifs régionaux, dit François Legault

The fares proposed by Air Canada for its regional clients fall under “abuse”, said François Legault, passing through the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, on Thursday.

“One remembers, in the time, Air Transat charged$ 500 for the round trip on Paris, worse than them, and other (Air Canada), charge$ 1000 for a round trip in a region, it is clear that there is abuse there,” said the prime minister and co-founder of Air Transat.

Questioned about the end of the air service, Val-d’or by Air Canada, François Legault has reiterated its intention to financially support an air carrier to ensure regional routes.

“What we are proposing to different carriers, including Air Creebec, but also including other carriers, it is to ask for a minimum frequency and a maximum of feed-in tariffs, by region, airport-by-airport”, he explained.

“I consider it an essential service, so it is normal that the Quebec government should pay compensation to these companies”, he added.

Food self-sufficiency

Furthermore, the prime minister said he was open to the idea of providing financial support to farmers who wish to implement projects that can help Quebec achieve food self-sufficiency.

Doubling the acreage of the crops in the greenhouse is a long-standing commitment of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), but this time, François Legault has also made mention of animal husbandry.

“I know that there has already been, and I hope that there are still, on the side of the beef. In Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the price of land is reasonable,” he mentioned, recalling that the majority of the beef consumed in Quebec comes from Western canada.

There remains the problem of the slaughter that is done by most outside of the province, by businesses in a situation of “quasi-monopoly,” said François Legault, saying “open” to help farmers in quebec.


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