Air conditioning of residences for seniors: Québec a-t-he waited too long?

Climatisation des résidences pour aînés: Québec a-t-il trop attendu?

While Quebec is looking for ways to cool residences for seniors, experts say that it would be easy to fix.

Luke Despatie, president of the company Rents Cold, Laval, explained that the installation of the air conditioning unit takes approximately one month.

According to him, he would be able to cool many homes for the elderly, thanks to its large inventory. He had also informed the cabinet of the minister responsible for Seniors.

“There is a letter that is part of the April 7, preventing the affected with the pandemic, it was going to be problematic for the elderly. We knew, we had planned and we had no response until today,” he explained.

In recent times, many Centres integrated academic health and social services (CIUSSS) were contacted. “We had confirmation that we can install in several CIUSSS,” said Despatie.

He believes that the government waited too long before acting as a first heat wave of summer hits the province.

“I have something negative to say, but I’m glad that my parents have died in the past year because I would not have liked it put my parents in this atmosphere”, he lamented.

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