Air fry

Hot Air Fry


Because tempting fried and crispy foods are hard to resist even when striving for a healthy diet, air fryers that require little or no allow you to succumb to this sweet sin… Without remorse. 

Digital model

The Starfrit Air Fryer has seven digital functions for tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Fries, meats and other proteins, baked goods, seafood and vegetables are cooked to perfection here. This fryer, which takes up little space on the counter, offers a large cooking capacity (3.5 litres). >< /strong> $109.99 

Retro Style

Thinkkitchen's mint-colored air fryer (2.5 liters) suggests concocting fries and poutines like at the snack bar, but in healthier versions. Its extra large basket will delight the whole family. Made of plastic, iron and Teflon, this retro-style appliance features a timer, adjustable temperature control and automatic shut-off. > $139.99 


With its white LED touchscreen, rotary knob, four food-specific temperature presets, and unique air fry, warm, and roast programs, the Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer (5.6 litres) is easy to use. Food comes out tasty, crunchy and colorful. > $159.99  

Two in one


Kalorik offers this fryer model that combines both a traditional oil fryer and a hot air fryer, depending on our desire to eat healthy or to make an exception. The air fry mechanism cooks food up to 30% faster, without preheating, and with little or no oil. This appliance has a 2.8 liter basket and an odor-absorbing charcoal filter. > $179.99 

Duo of baskets 

With its two independent baskets with a total capacity of 8 quarts, this Ninja Dual Zone Foodi hot air fryer offers the possibility of cooking different foods at the same time and these will be ready at the same time! During a gathering, the baskets can also be used to fry a large quantity of a single food that will delight all the guests. They will love this healthier frying method! > $199.99