Alan Badoev shot a social video for “Moon” for Alesha Swica

The keynote of the new video “Moon” is the story of the actor, based on real events

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Алан Бадоев снял социальный клип "Луна" для Леши Свика

New video of Alex Suika, which was directed by Alan Badoev

Ukrainian filmmaker and music video Director Alan Badoev, who recently shot a new clip for the Chinese superstar Azora SP, became a Director and new video of Alex Svica.

Find out details of why Alan Badoev work on the weekends:

The keynote of the new video “Moon” of the Ukrainian Director was the story of the artist, based on real events.

Алан Бадоев снял социальный клип "Луна" для Леши Свика

Alan Badoev shot a social video for Alesha Swica

“You never know when and how you meet the person with whom you will not care about many things in this life, you’re not going to follow the moment of reciprocity and be fully immersed in these feelings, you’re going to give it my all, only that it felt necessary. To find this point is useless, it will come by itself, but how you manage that opportunity is already in your hands. I your if once lost, and so I often tell one simple truth: if we still haven’t met the right person, there are two reasons: either we’ve already lost him, or even find. And you would know, as I always hope for the second case, but I understand that he has long lost,” frankly told the backstory of the video’s premiere musician.

Алан Бадоев снял социальный клип "Луна" для Леши Свика

Alan Badoev shot a social video for Alesha Swica

Creating the aesthetics of any picture of Alan Badoev primarily relies on the character and charisma of the artist. The paint, which helps to create accurate and not repeated. According to the Director, Alex and his music, which is inherently fair, with character and without husk, moved Alan in the movie the great master of Alexei Balabanov, which was the starting point in the creation story and the choice of fine texture. The shooting took place in Ukraine and took about 30 hours.

“In this story the moon we call those girls, which used to be called nocturnal moths. Today I see a generation that lives from “dad to dad”. It is to them I dedicate this work… I understand them and not condemn. So it is, but it could be different,” commented her new job, Director.

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The result of the first creative tandem Badoev and Suika exceeded all expectations of fans of the musician, as evidenced by the thousands of enthusiastic reviews and comments from the users in the network.

“About Alan I could only dream of, but fate brought us together, and I could not imagine how responsive it will feel for my story and will fit into the clip that is the situation of my life, for which I am eternally grateful… I sincerely hope that each of you will understand this picture in their own way, someone will be looking for the moon in the sky, and someone sees the moon in the same person, who once went out for you” – summed up artist.

Earlier, Alan Badoev in exclusive interview “Today” told about the most iconic works in the career, but than he managed to surprise Pugachev, as suggested by Carol to undress completely, and Loboda become fat.

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