Alberta plans to open a montreal office to attract entrepreneurs quebec

L'Alberta compte ouvrir un bureau montréalais pour attirer les entrepreneurs québécois

Alberta has unveiled on Monday an ambitious economic recovery programme that will focus on tax cuts aimed to attract entrepreneurs from all over the country.

As of Wednesday, the tax on business will increase from 10 % to 8 %, unveiled the first minister Jason Kenney, who hopes that the measure will generate $ 13 billion in economic growth. About 55,000 jobs will be created in the coming years thanks to this advantageous rate of tax for employers, believes the administration Kenney.

“Our announcement sends a message hitting entrepreneurs in Canada and across North America that we intend to have the smaller lower taxes for employers is not merely an aspiration, rather than an objective future”, is excited about Mr. Kenney at a press conference, before adding that, unlike the other provinces, siena has the courage to go ahead with tax cuts for companies.

Jason Kenney has stated, in answering journalists ‘ questions, that Alberta has to sell his tax plan to the entrepreneurs, in particular by opening an office in downtown Montreal, but also in other north american cities, including Toronto, Houston and New York.

An economy that is “diversified”

Already badly mauled over the years by the fall of a barrel of oil, alberta’s economy was hit hard by the crisis of the pandemic, with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

“In front of the jack employment crisis in nearly a century, we have to build, diversify our economy and create jobs,” argued Mr. Kenney in presenting his stimulus plan. The prime minister nevertheless insisted to mention that Alberta can already count on an economy that is “far more diversified than it has ever been,” citing the passage of the tourist industries and farms.

The stimulus plan includes $ 10 billion in infrastructure projects of all kinds, an increase of 40 % of the infrastructure plan presented by the province in its latest budget.

“The plan is still in development. The details sector by sector policy will be announced in the coming weeks, but, given the gravity of the economic crisis, we must act now,” said Mr. Kenney.

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